Inflation: Mini-games

Either mini-games or games with a single mechanic that you need to repeat until the end, with no change, or very little change, and very little or no story. Game/mini-game: possess a gameplay Interactive animation: possess a start and an en...

Inflation: Medium games

Games that can be completed in a single session but with enough differents mechanics to not be considered as a mini-game

Inflation: Big games

Basically RPGs and games difficult to complete in a single session. It generally involves complete game mechanics and a full story.

Inflation: Short text-based games

Text-based games with only one scene and very little choice.

Inflation: Text-based games

Either long text-based game with a lot of choices or open-world text adventure

Inflation: Visual novels and similar

Visual novels, point and clicks with a lot of dialogues, ... In other words, games focused on dialogues/text with no real gameplay but with pictures/animations included. Open world management visual novel have their own categorie; RPG visua...

Inflation: Abandonned prototypes

Either games annonced abandonned by the devs or games prototypes without update since 3 years. Only games with the bare skeleton of games mechanics are put in this category.

Inflation: Games in dev

Games not yet completed but with sufficent content to be already considered as a game.

Inflation: Prolific Creators

Creators of inflation/expansion games with a large number of games but with a lack of real differences in gameplay between them. (It doesn't mean it's bad, just a lack of variety)

Near inflation: Flat Vore

Vore that doesn't fill the belly, generally giant vore. Some of them have a bit of stuffing/weight-gain, but don't expect much if you look for inflation.


Games that may be about inflation. It's being sorted.

Inflation: New games in dev

New games in development with less than 3 months and little content. After that, I will move them to Abandonned prototypes or in development depending on the author activity.